Torch Technologies is a 100 percent employee-owned business with more than 1200 employee owners dedicated to quality technical services, competitive costs, and ethical business practices.

Torch Technologies is

dedicated to providing superior research, development, and engineering services to the Department of Defense. As defense contractors, the services we provide directly support the men and women who serve our country.

OUR MISSION Torch Technologies helps our clients exceed their goals in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner given their own technological, schedule, and financial constraints. Through our determined efforts, Torch employees are Lighting the Pathway of Freedom.

Our Core Attributes

Torch Technologies finds that certain core attributes are routinely used to describe the company and our employees. We reinforce our desire to maintain this reputation with every individual we hire, every business relationship we begin and with every client we serve.


Torch maintains a “cutting-edge” atmosphere that encourages employee creativity and thinking outside the box and allows them the freedom to take the necessary risks to implement these ideas.


Torch employees exhibit an unselfish will to achieve common corporate and customer goals as well as to help others succeed.


Torch employees achieve the highest levels of performance, always striving to exceed company and customer expectations.

Customer Focus

Torch employees recognize that we exist to support our customers and act accordingly by knowing who our customers are and understanding their requirements and needs.


Torch employees strive to be world-renowned leaders in their fields of expertise, continuously upgrade their knowledge base and staying abreast of technological advancements and innovations.


Torch employees are honest, trustworthy, and dependable and always strive to “do the right thing.” They lead by example and always act in a way to uphold Torch corporate ethics and our reputation.


Torch employees are dependable and consistently lend their efforts to solve the problems at hand and to support the goals of the organization and our customers.

Torch Gives Back

Torch Technologies will help our clients exceed their goals in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner given their own technology, schedule, and financial constraints. Through our determined effort, our Torch employees are Lighting the Pathway of Freedom.

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CEO John Watson

From the CEO's desk...

When Bill Roark and Don Holder founded Torch in 2002, they knew that employees were the company's greatest asset. They believed that offering employees a stake in the outcome, by making them all owners, was critical to building a successful organization. I share that feeling. Bill and Don's original intent was fully achieved in 2011 when Torch converted to a 100 percent S-Corp ESOP. Since that time, the company has grown over ten-fold and gained national recognition for the success we have demonstrated as an employee-owned company.

Today, Torch continues to respect the individual contributions of our employee-owners and to share the rewards of our success. In addition, we continue to foster an environment of employee recognition, respect, development, and comradery while striving to achieve a healthy work-life balance. We recognize that core to our company is a culture of trust with our employees, customers, business partners, and community. Our management team is committed to continue to earn that trust. This past year, Torch proudly announced that we were Certified Evergreen™. A timely achievement for Torch employee-owners as they will celebrate Torch’s 20th anniversary this October, becoming Certified Evergreen™ signifies that while Torch employee-owners can look back on Torch’s past with pride, Torch is also looking forward. Becoming Certified Evergreen™ means that Torch has committed to finding ways to make 100 percent employee ownership sustainable so that Torch will remain a private company forever.

Going forward, Torch will continue to evolve to address market and technology changes in order to become a major provider of cost-effective technical services and solutions to the Warfighter. We are making significant investments into facilities, equipment, business systems, and research to enable us to provide innovations and timely business services to our clients. We feel that always looking to improve our service is key to sustaining customer trust in the future. Likewise, we believe that continuing to share ownership is one of the ways we maintain employee trust and an unparalleled commitment to succeed. Combined, these timeless principles form the basis of the Torch culture. A culture that we are committed to continue and strive to pass on to the next generation of employee-owners as an Evergreen Company.


John S. Watson
Chief Executive Officer
Torch Technologies, Inc.